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This is my boat, RV Amigo, who will be crossing the Atlantic with me in December.

She is about 7 metres long by 1.6 metres wide, so thats quite a small space to live in for three months!

There are two little “cabins”, one at the stern where I will rest in between rowing shifts ( probably not for more than an hour and a half at a time as I really don’t want to drift back in the wrong direction, and a second one at the bow of the boat, where I will store food and other supplies.

Amigo is currently in Scotland getting kitted out for the crossing by Leven Brown Adventures. Check Leven Brown on google or wikipedia- he is considered one of the best ocean rowers in the world and holds a string of world records. His knowledge and expertise is second to none and I feel very lucky to benefit from that.

Amigo completed a transatlantic crossing earlier this year, so I know she is seaworthy and I also know that she rights herself if she capsizes- something quite high up on my list of priorities. 😉

In a few weeks she will be coming South and then I can spend lots of time on her in the water!

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