Thank you to for their amazing support!
They sent out a wonderful article about me and my row on their newsletter to over 40k subscribers, asking for support and sponsorship.
Its has also been featured on their social media and they have been really proactive about getting the word out there.

Sponsorship is quite slow, so any push is really welcome. I have thousands of euros worth of equipment, clothing, food, comms, shipping, flights, accommodation etc to purchase and every little helps.
The media coverage of the event is huge so there will be an excellent return for any sponsor.
Plus the ‘feel good” factor of knowing that after my crossing, my boat and gear will be sold on to a future competitor and that money will all be donated to charity.

By the way, coming back to this awesome company, if you work in any aspect of yachting and you don’t know Yacht Needs, you should ( and where have you been?? They are “THE” coolest app ). Their database of 25k services for yachting all over the world and also a fantastic place to find employment. Download their app from the google store or the apple store and have all these facts at your fingertips!

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