60 year old Shirley Thompson spend most of her working life as a stewardess on privet jets pandering to the whims of the rich and famous. Her life was a whirlwind of planes, limos and 5 star hotels.


And then she discovered running………!


She quickly became hooked on running long distances and  was soon taking part in ultra runs in extreme environments: The desert, the mountains, Antarctica and the Jungle.


She discovered she had a tremendous mental tenacity that enabled her to get to the finish line however long it took.


In 2004 Shirley became the pioneer of Jungle races and set up the legendary Jungle Marathon, the first and most feared Jungle race in earth, in the Amazon Jungle of Brazil. She has been a hands-on race organiser since its inception and has dedicated all her spare time to it for the past 14 years.


Now its time for Shirleys own adventure, so has put Jungle Marathon on hold for a year to  focus her time and energy on her Atlantic Row and the necessary preparation.


She has conquered many hostile environments, but the Ocean will be  a new and exciting test

Some video clips of Shirley